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Did you know?

That there are more than 113,400 missing children in the United States between the ages of 6 and 11.

We are pleased to report that since 1990 our member Grand Lodges and their constituent Local Masonic Lodges have:

Generated over 1.5 Million "Completed ID Packs" of children for parents
Conducted over 15,000 events in America
Raised Awareness of Dangers kids face and how to avoid them


Masonichip International supports MASONIC SAFETY IDENTIFICATION PROGRAMS and the Be Here for Kids CAMPAIGN in partnership with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

Masonic Safety ID Program Events are conducted independently at various differing levels of activity by over (40) Grand Lodges of Masons in North America. Masonichip International, a 501(c)(3) public charity of the Conference of Grand Masters of North America provides a conduit of collaboration, educational opportunities and a go-to resource of "best practices" and lastest developments as espoused by the National Center.

Our goal is to put the tools and information in the hands of our volunteers in our communities and assist them to cost effectively manage these Masonic public service initiatives 24/7. This collaboration of our member Grand Lodges and subordinate Masonic Lodges with Masonichip International and through us with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has raised public awarness of child exploitation and espouses prevention education in our communities. This is a continual process as the dangers our children continues to hit ever closer to our home in this ever expanding information age, and we need to keep pase to assure that our prevention education evolves as technology advances.

The Be Here for Kids Campaign has handed out over one million pieces of printed safety education to those attending Events each year across America...

In addition this year, the Be Here for KidsCampaign, offeres to send two (2) MONTHLY EMAIL BLASTs to your home computer along with conversation starters to assist adults to pass on the info.

Be Here for Kids E Blast and NETSMARTZ E Blast from National Center and Missing & Exploited Children

Masonichip and the Masonic Lodges across America have agreed as ambassadors of Be Here for Kidsto enlist adults to "Be Here for Kids to Talk to a child about Safety" and help provide them with the tools and techniques to do it effictively.

Attend a Be Here for Kids Event or contact a local Masonic Lodge and get on the E Blast List today

This web portal is managed and updated by our volunteer Board of Directors and we encourage our member Grand Lodges from across the continent to email articles of your events and activities to our Board of Directors. We will post them in the NEWS section above or post them yourself on our FACEBOOK PAGE.

Visit here often…we will be adding new features and aspects each month…our FACEBOOK PAGE is also just in its infancy…that too will soon beg in to bloom with the approach of Spring.

Ties and Scarves

Masonichip International has partnered with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to encourage parents to "Take 25" minutes to talk to their children about the dangers they face in today's society.

Your purchase and wearing of Masonichip Ties and Scarves give you the opportunity to do just that. Some say they are "too loud" and that is the objective. We guarantee when you wear our ties and scarfs people will take notice. Help us continue our mission to educate the public on child safety and give yourself the opportunity to "Take 25" to talk about child safety.

Ties and scarfs are available in two background colors, either "black" or "blue". Each is $20 with shipping included.

Ties and Scarves go on sale May 1st!

More about the hand print design used:

The ties and scarves were designed originally as an educational tie and they represent the hand prints of the children in our lives. We have chosen to adopt these ties and scarves as a reminder of the importance of children and that their hand prints leave an impression and nothing is more precious than our kids. Yes they are loud and when I wear one people remark about it and always ask what it represents. They always respond positively. To me it represents kids and their safety being of paramount importance. I think they are classy and bring out questions. All of our lawyer members wear them to juvenile court or anything to do with kids. Basically it is about the kids and for the kids.

Masonichip International, Inc.

Be Here for Kids

Every year the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and Masonichip International partner on the Be Here for Kids Campaign. This year we challenge adults to Be Here for Kids to talk to a child, teen or young adult about safety. Join the Masonic Lodges of North America in achieving the challenge...25 minutes at a time.